Preparation for Father's Day

Tergan shoes

Tomorrow Father's Day! Did you get your father to your gift? I'm so glad I bought it and get it. I'm sure that he loved. Besides the fact that I want to give a handmade gift but didn't have time to do. I also do then I will give another time. I bought shoes from Tergan this Father's day. Keep in mind that there were discounts of up to 65 percent.

Every time, when I give gift my father he says 'what was needed'. A tiny smile, I would be very happy.

Stay with love .. :)

How to Become White-skinned ( Secrets of Korean Women )

Secrets of Korean Women

I like Korean dramas. Very fascinating, a people began to want to watch almost all sections. Watching obviously I wondered how they were so white.

DIY - Polymer Clay Decorative Accessories for Cars

Polymer Clay Accessories

Handmade gifts are very valuable for me. Maybe I love to make gifts to the people I love so. It's like a way to show my love .. That's why I made plenty of gifts you will encounter in this blog.

In this article I did for my husband's car with a decorative accessories. I made from polymer clay. It took a lot of time, but it was like that, it was definitely worth it!

2 Products for Beautiful Face

2 Products for Beautiful Face

Hi! I'm so excited these days because of my wedding is approaching. Big day is 20 August. We looking for home. Yes, we haven't found yet ! But have few choices. Every girl wants be most beautiful own wedding day, of course me too :) Therefore, I take care of my face more than before. Yesterday, I went to beauty center for face skin care. I was very pleased. This was the fourth skincare and most like this time. I want to talk about what she did. Step by step I say :

Four Natural Nutrients for Eye Health


My eyes tired too much. I think that because of me. I reading a lot, make-up and sometimes the weather is very dry. Moreover, my eyes seldom be sick due to make-up residues. I researched a lot and sharing to what I learned information with you. I will talk about benefits of four natural nutrients to the eyes. This are ;

1. Honey
2. Tea
3. Cucumber
4. Milk 

Series Suggestion - My Princess

 my princess
My princess is very beautiful and absorbing series in Korean television. Stars are Kim Tae-hee and Song Seung-heon. I watched again and again ! When I watched every time, love that story between Lee Seol and Park Hae Young. So innocent and so passionate love theirs. Type of series romantic - comedi and little bit drama.

Lee Seol adopted, innocent, cheerful, imagination is too big, regular university student and works in part time jobs. She loves stepmother. Park Hae Young diplomat, grandson of Daehan Group's president. Daehan grup one of Korea's largest company and founded with money from the the royal family. 

Felt Little Make-up Bag Tutorial

I write in the happiness of doing something new again ! Hope you like it ! Today I made the little make-up bag. Soft felt and my favorite color pink !

I absolutely refresh my make-up when I come out home. I put my bag up a few make-up like powder, lip conditioner, eyeliner etc. I made a wallet that can put them. Made is very simple. Decorate is up to you ! I love gold spangle !